1. Download the App

    Designed to be lightweight, free and simple to use — everything you need to make a short concise screencast.

    Right now QuickCast is Mac only, but we are looking at additional platforms.

    Download on the App Store
  2. Record your QuickCast

    Once installed, it's easy to record your micro masterpiece. Simply select the QuickCast logo in your toolbar and then click record. You'll get a 5 second count-in and then it's showtime.

    Keep an eye on the QuickCast icon, it will indicate how much time you have left.

    Don't worry about messing up, you can re-record at any moment.

  3. Publish + Share

    Once you're happy with your QuickCast, you'll be prompted to publish & share – it's super easy and every QuickCast benefits from it's own unique URL and embed code to use on your own site.

    If it's a short video will even expose a gif version of your recording.

    Your published links are easily accessible from the QuickCast status bar icon.

    Here's a published example quick.as/qlckk