QuickCasts are limited to a maximum of 3 minutes, will there ever be an option to increase this?

We think 3 minutes or less is perfect for quick, concise screencasts — but never say never.

Is it only available for the Mac?

Currently, we have previously beta tested for Windows but at this stage the Mac version is our focus.

I'm on an older browser and the videos don't work correctly

We have only designed and built QuickCast to support modern browsers, this allows us to use techniques to improve the experience for supporing browsers.

When I select a small area to record, I no longer have the option to add an intro or outro to my QuickCast - why?

We call these Micro casts, they are a QuickCast with either a width or height below 300 pixels - too small for an intro or outro. They are pefect for dropping into pages to add context to a piece of content. We purposely remove the full menu from these videos and just have play / pause.

Animated Gifs for everyone!!

If you select an area and the dimensions – width or height are less than 300 and the video length is 10 seconds or less, we will also output an animated Gif which is automatically linked from the published QuickCast page for that video. Here's an example QuickCast with an additional animated Gif

Occassionally my recording is just a green screen on the Mac version?

This is a known issue on Mac's with multiple video cards and dynamic switching, we will update as soon as a fix becomes available. In the meantime a re-boot of your machine should solve the issue. UPDATE: apparently this issue has been fully resolved in OSX Mavericks.